Dave and I have been riding. We went out for 35 yesterday morning doing a flat West Loop and circled around to Indian Hills, with some coffee to start and end the ride. Particularly impressive was a 2-mile turn Dave took at the front on River Rd., stomping out a 20mph rhythm to chase down a roadie who had passed us earlier. It was all I could do just to sit in and hang on.

This morning we went east into OldhamCo for climbs up Goshen Ln, 1694 and Sleepy Hollow. The original plan was to consider a Metric, but we shortened things a bit and still got in 51 miles on the morning (plus some other transpo miles respectively). Legs are tired, but effort earned and appreciated.

Deli in Norton's Common, a good mid-ride stopping point.


Pondero said…
Good to see you two out consuming the miles...and Dave towing you along at 20+...awesome!
Tim Smith said…
It was, Pondero! I see that you're stretching things out as well. Equally awesome!
David Crowell said…
If I can drop a few pounds, I'll leave you behind on the climbs too. :)
Tim Smith said…

I won't mention "dropping" and Sunday.

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