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I was pissily picking up some merch (for the Sogn 2.0 project) from the LBS yesterday, generally peeved that the summer hadn't been what was yearned for and really that's my fault. One of the shop guys and I then got into a discussion of frustrations I'm having with the fit on Seafoam. It rode fine and now it's hurting my lower back and I can't pinpoint when this started or why; it may not even be the bike but rather my garbage fitness. He then stated something that I can hear coming straight from Pondero, whom I trust in matters of logic, philosophy and common sense. Said shop employee stated that I was "jumping between too many bikes" and to "ride the bike that feels great and ride it a lot". This is a guy who sells bikes, "wants" as he calls them. He should be delighted that I'm riding lots of bikes because that means lots of parts and labor. Instead, he comes up with a nugget of bicycle philosophy I have to strongly consider.

He's 100% right. Too many bikes. Too many hopes. Too many distractions. To be fair, my riding does encompass more activities that his. He rides road bikes for medium distances to maintain fitness. I fashion myself a aventurero, ciclista ith my gravel, commutes, road, camping, trail, blah, blah. Fact is, I chase a solution with all these bikes and all these parts and all these modifications.

The solution is to ride, and to do it on a bike you love.


DerrickP said…
Mucho wisdom here. I've been struggling with this very same thing. Summer (aka MTB Season) brings back pain on the mountain bike AND back pain from the mountain bike. Meaning, the LHT feels less comfy because my back is conditioned for the Troll. I'm not sure what the solution would be, though.
Pondero said…
No need for my wacky ideas, sounds like you have great insight to me. I do hope Seafoam serves your needs and that nagging back pain is soon resolved. It's such a cool bike, and can do so many things well...or well enough anyway.
Pondero said…
"The solution is to ride, and to do it on a bike you love."

Just snapped to the pithy value of this statement and added it to the Quote Corner on my blog.

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