Monday, October 14, 2013


Saturday involved another tempo ride with MachoMan DrewH (not to be confused with OYLCDrewH, but he enters the story later). We took in Jefferson Hill for his first time and then looped back through Iroquois and up the hill, again Drew's first trip up on two-wheels. While taking a looksie at the overlook who but OYLCDrew and Bart rolled up as well, taking advantage of a beaut of a Saturday morning. Great ride, and one felt in the legs later as well.

Fancy bike

Combo of bad pix and haze makes for a really bad image.

Saturday's effort (in addition to some tennis with L; I don't sprint much) had the legs feeling a little gimpy, so Sunday morning meant a free and easy ramble on Seafoam. I feel like the fit is a little better with a better saddle angle and slightly higher bars. I think high bars/low pace is something I have to come to terms with, much like the LHT. I took the east-of-Maple trail and stopped at the Nettleroth Bird Sanctuary within Cherokee and proceeded to hear lots of bird call and saw a total of two freakin' birds. The whole understory forest bird thing seems beyond me. I then rolled down the Beargrass Trail for some more birds and up to Quills for morning coffee. Oh, then to Highland Coffee a .5m away for more coffee.  It was a seriously chill morning.

Later in the afternoon I happened to see Lithodale post a pic of his minions riding at the CycLouvia, which I had completely forgotten about. While his pics seemed a little barren of peoples, but the time I got there it was really, really hopping, more so than last year. Like last time I spent the spin worrying about small children taking perpendicular paths across the roadway, but I saw lots of people I knew, stopped and chatted, and generally had a great time people watching and spinning the QB. I even made use of my Wald basket for the first time on the QB with a fresh 6 of Bell's Kalamazoo Stout. The day's total after the two very chill rides was close to 20 miles. Not bad considering.

Looking north just aside St. Francis of Asissi

Jazz band at BooknMusic Exchange. Saw them twice. Fun!

Big-time crowd at Cumberland Brews/ZAs
A little lighter down by Molly's

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David Crowell said...

Bummer that I missed you at CycLOUvia. Diane and I rode through on our way back from Clarksville.

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