Jones Diamond Thanks Dad!!

I'm not sure what I can say. I have a very successful father who sometimes buys me bikes. I think his rationale is that A- he has been successful, B- I like bikes, C- I pay my own bills and do things pretty well (just named KY Girls Tennis State Coach of Year), D- He's not getting younger, so for some reason, he offered to buy me something interesting, so...

It's a Ti Jones Diamond, standard XT build, bb7s, ChrisKing rear wheel. I love the Mukluk and the ability to destroy, but I've wanted something more singletrack-worthy, something that doesn't feel like a tank. The Jones doesn't feel like a tank; in fact, the Jones feels incredible! The truss fork and fat front just rolls over stuff and the tight rear wheel tracks along. It was simply stellar during our multi-hour punishment at Ferdinand St. Forest after a campout. I mean, I just crushed the downhills.

Yes, it's a little embarrassing, my stable of crazy-ass mounts. But if someone came to you and offered, I'm not sure many would turn the offer down. I've only been on the Jones for 2hrs/10 miles of rugged, old-school mtbiking, but it was freaking awesome!


Anonymous said…
Your a lucky son and a good coach.

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