Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lake Ouachita D3 The Drying

After our thorough drenching on day 2, we awoke to foggy surroundings, but no actual precipitation. Putting on wet clothes was not highlight #1 of our trip, but somehow I slept 11.5hrs in the shelter hammock and felt like I could somehow muster the energy for a short stage down to Lake Ouachita S.P.

**Wow, my typed narrative disappeared for some reason. That's disappointing**

Foggy, but no rain.

Morning at Moonshine Shelter, my hardest-earned, favorite image of the trip.

Downhill from Moonshine Shelter to the road, probably my favorite singletrack portion of the trip. Save a short hike-a-bike, a flowy fast-but-not-too-fast section of beautiful trail.

We both tried out our new MSR TrailShots, to good effect. Recommended.

Very Slippery when wet.

Two interesting takes on this ominous, clear-cut hill. One is to liken it to a WWI wasteland. The other- on this Easter Day- is to image three crosses atop this. Again, ominous.

Our gps track led us astray, necessitating a bushwack. It worked out.

Along a fence clearcut, leading into someone's yard in Jessieville, or maybe Blakely according to googlemaps.

Water tank in the middle of a neighborhood.

Castleberry's had seen better days, only to find that Castleberry's had rebuilt just down the road, and had the $$ to festoon their establishment with every American beer sign in sight.

Yes, we did travel down Murders Rd.

Amazed at EnergizerBunny's penchant for climbing well up in front of me.

Probably 7% here. Felt like 27%. I walked.

Jones at lake
Pondero, Bantam, and lake

Hiding from the vociferous wind

Noodles seriously improved by salami.

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