Tuesday, December 20, 2005

errors and ears

1. i hate making spelling and grammatical errors on my blog entries b/c it makes me look stupid. ontheotherhand, i'm usually too lazy to fix them.

2. my right ear is presently catastrophic, full of fluid and pestilence and the like. i'm on my 2nd antibiotic plus drops. it's the SAME EXACT thing from which i've suffered several other times in my adult life. i seem to have ears that don't drain, so they fill with plague, and lo and behold it has happened several times in the winter and even more importantly, several times around the holidays. complete bullshit.

3. b/c of my nasty ears, i haven't touched a bike in something like two weeks. it's not laziness; it's impending death or deafness, whichever comes first.

4. still waiting for return package from peterwhitecycles.com, hoping my return didn't get lost in the shuffle. 'course, i can't really ride like this so i should just be more patient.

5. why can't louisville have an active bike blog culture like Minneapolis? there are 5 or 6 regular bloggers up there and they all give a great sense of cycling in that city. maybe the 'Ville doesn't actually have a 'sense', so no one can adequately express it. cycling here in Luavull on occasion develops something positive, like hosting USCF Nationals a couple years ago. that was neat, watching the road championships take place in my fav parks, and watching the Crit' finals down on the waterfront. but alas those moved to a better financial package in Utah. i guess all those polygamists enjoy watching cycling and are willing to pay for it.

And only a year or two ago, when i was still 'crossing, there were several 'cross races locally, 1 or 2 in Edwardsville courtesy of Nathan Schickel, 1 @ Iroquois Pk at one point, 1 @ Bowman Field, 1 or 2 in Oldham Co. This year in the Ohio Valley series there were NO RACES locally, only in Lexington and in Ohio/IN. one was to be touted as a UCI race with $$ but the $$ didn't come through. i think they did some kind of add-on race, but it certainly didn't have the same build-up.

so maybe there are no bloggers b/c there is no culture. i love, in a weird way, reading posts from the LBC/Kycyclist listserve, because it bring up how insular the scene is here. there are very few commuters, and apparently very few racers. the scene mostly consists of fancy-lycra'ed roadies who constantly get abused out on Oldham, Shelby, and Spencer Co. roads. we here do have a strong "MadDog" contingent of ultra-riders, who do centuries all the time. most of their posts, though, have that veiled sense of satisfaction that they just seem a little better than everyone. do any commute? do any forward the car vs. bike discussion? yes, they're active in organizing what they do for themselves, and what else is there? but i doubt they move the interests of the sport overall anywhere except for the few folks who seem to have every weekend open both days to ride all day long. just being bitter.

of course, do i move anything forward? i do think by riding regularly to work and being seen as transportion instead of as recreation, i DO promote a more purposeful view of the 'sport'.

or not. maybe just blowing smoke out my A@S.

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