Tuesday, December 06, 2005

goodies II

the good family had the good fortune of scoring some freebie "Naria" preview tix, so i had part of the evening free to play. of course i spent my time mounting the new goodies on the LHT. i'm be interested in the long-term assessment, but on the short term:

1. the Lowsaddle Longflap (that may, or may not, be the actual name) has a great design, but i'm afraid it's too small. it just doesn't seem as big as the C'dale pannier. i'm undecided. i'm considering sending just it back and trading up for the larger Nelson, but i'm indecisive. i DO like it's smaller size from an asthetic standpoint, but from a practical one, will it have enough room for clothes, papers, books, food, extras? and in times of dire need, will i miss that other pannier? it's been awhile since i've used both. but having both definitely increases the chances that i don't have to drive one day purely due to extra storage reasons. if the Timbuktu bag had worked out better, i wouldn't worry, but don't know. i do fundamentally like the system.

2. so far i like the light. i only went up and down the street, but it seems to be bright and have that cool xenon white light that all the euro cars have. it also has that nice standy-by light feature. i managed to mount it without screwing anything up too bad, but with me you never know. i doesn't have this random wire sticking out for tail lights that i don't have anywhere for it to go. i might just install one, especially if i send the longflap back and trade.

3. i can wrench worth shit. i know just enough to get by, but am not compotent enough to make stuff look good. i'm sure mounting cables and levers on the new moustache bars will be comical. what can i screw up with that?

4. it's going to be cold in the a.m., but i have to go back out and try out the new schwag. thursday they're calling for snow in the p.m., so i might HAVE to ride tomorrow to get the miles in.

pics of the LHT adorned with the new material soon to come, esp if i get those badass moustaches on.

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