Date: May 21
Mileage: 24
Ride type: Road
Bike: BlueRidge
Temp: 80 and sunny
May mileage: 27
Year to date: 529

as you may see from an earlier entry, it's been more than 3 weeks since i've been on an appreciable ride. i am going to add a mini-entry for yesterday's errand ride, but today under particularly nice weather i got on the BlueRidge and actually took a real ride. at one time i had plans to venture a little north, but ended up staying in the Cherokee/Seneca Pk environs, getting in a total of a little more than 24. the parks were absolutely FULL of people, of all types. There are have a couple articles in the CJ to the effect that Louisville wants even more to portray itself as a "City of Parks" by building a 100mile loop around the circumference of the city/country metro area. there are already starting to buy property on the periphery as a means to augment the alreadyexcellent Olmstead foundation. every time i ride in one of them i come home really positive about this great resource we have here.

i did some reading of the recent Rivendell catalog and have come to two conclusions- one agreeing with Grant and another in amused dissent. the first is the notion as promoted by the Rivendell ethos that comfort and enjoyment of the bike come before Speed, Skill, Fitness, etc. and to that I am in agreement. the Lycra crowd and its ridiculous look can't but help turn off the average Joe. and by the looks of several articles, exposes, listserve posts and such, this group of cyclists really don't give a shit. hence "Us" vs. "Them. Cycling for cycling sake, be it in a T-shirt, a long-sleeve seersucker, or in lycra, is the most constructive, and carbon bikes that break the back will NEVER get more Americans riding, nor will it create a cycling culture like that found in parts of Europe (but not all. Spain, which i've visited 5-6 times, has a very poor local cycling culture)

on a different note, the Riv folks "poo poo" clipless pedals as another symbol of Lycra culture. and yes, it's nice to have pedals that don't require exactly ONE pair of shoes, but, hey, i LIKE clipless pedals. they're comfortable, secure, and help me ride (except on the fixie; i like my Chucks more for that). it's just trading one tribe- the Lycras- for another- the Grants. my riding just happens to mirror the Grants these days.

i'm attending my brotherinlaw's wedding in about 4 weeks, and will have to spend several days in Maysville. it's VERY HILLY up there, with lots of half-mile, steep climbs in and out of creek and riverbeds. now that tennis is quickly winding down, and school will be as well, i'm going to get the miles i can in so i can get some even better mileage up there. Summer is finally (close) to here!


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