Date: June 29
Mileage: 15
Ride type: Road
Bike: Crosscheck
Temp: 83, very pleasant
June mileage: 138
Year to date: 738

several insights and observations on a relatively brief road ride this late afternoon. the title, "Crack", refers to an unseemly sight while riding in the park. i was taking a left onto a park road, with a rider crossing in front of me with the rightofway. he was a 20ish guy with regular ol' shoes on what looked like a store-bought mtn bike. what unfortunately caught my eye was the "Crack". his soccer shorts didn't seem to be providing full coverage. he was setting a pretty good pace, so i lingered behind me for a while, maybe 200yds. i finally realized that, although i was comfortable with my pace, i HAD to juice it a little b/c i could NOT be behind that "crack" any more. thusly began my first 'interval' of the ride, goosing the speed enough to avoid the crack. i stopped a bit up the road for a quick fountain drink, and a couple minutes later saw him slowly climbing golf course hill. guess he was getting in some speedwork just ahead of me like i try to get keeping up with the ripped roadies.

i haven't put much mileage on the road, in fact very little. doesn't mean i haven't been active. today at Lakeside i got a quick lift in while the boys were in their lessons. upped the pounds a bit to make up for a 'quickie'. afterwards, swam with the boys in the lake for a good while. think these 2hour swims, even in they're not in the lap pool, are kicking my ass. couple days ago in the 25m pool i swam about 700 or so yds. not too long, but i was pleased with it. i think a twiceaweek 45 minute swim would be great. this one took me less, but i'm pretty slow. why? i'm out of shape.

on the subject of mileage, i looked at February and found that i rode as much in Feb. and i have in June. this is with me off during the summer, and we've had a very pleasant month. something is really wrong with that! and it's 100 fewer miles than i rode in Jan even though i remember it being quite cold. what's to blame? laziness...yes. WorldCup...yes. French Open...yes. laziness...yes.

we're going to Holiday World tomorrow. it's in Santa Claus, Indiana. i kid you not. it used to be 'Santa Claus Land', when i was a kid and it was much cheesier and smaller. now it's quite a nice little amusement pk abt an hour west of Louisville. it's known for free fountain drinks (fortunately, the kids get tired of them after abt an hour, stomach ache included), cleanliness, some nice wooden coasters, and a great water park. we tend to ride some rides until lunch, hang out at the water park for the afternoon, and in the evening ride a second round of rides. it's truly 'family entertainment', at a much cheaper and less harried pace than going to King's Island north on Cincy. we even have a Six Flags here in Louisville, Kentucky Kingdom. Holiday World, though, is cleaner and works much better for smaller kids, ours 10 and almost 7.


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