Le Dour Tour

i'm done. finished. well, actually prob not, but i feel like it. i've been a cycling fan since Greg's arrival with Renault 'back in the day'. followed the '86 Tour best i could. followed Andy Hampster's '87 Tour best i could given the coverage. followed Greg's other wins. followed Corestates chmpshp, followed early NORBA and UCI mtn biking. followed Paris-Roubaix. Ronde vanVlandareen (sp?). followed Greg's '90 win while in Spain. several Tours duPont. bought lots of WorldCylingProduction videos. LOVE professional road cycling for all its grit, glory, guts, gashes. (sorry for excessive alliteration).

but with the latest Spanish doping scandal and Le'Equipe Armstrong article, I'm tired. tired of Lance. tired of inumerable accusations over many, many, many years. i just have stopped believing that EVERY single person who's chimed in on Sr. Armstrong is somewhere wrong, and he's the clean one. when there's smoke.

and then the Spanish scandal. the latest Tyler Hamilton thang. he supposedly paid big $$ to docs in Madrid for a routine. maybe, again, it's not true, but are there truly specious faxes? do they actually exist?

and how much junk is Tom Boonen on? the heir apparent to Museuw, Mr. intheend doper himself.

the sport is dirty. filthy. disgusting. now, let's be clear that thay're on no more junk than your standard bloated baseball player, or extra bloated football player. and track/athletics? give me a break. and soccer/football players? clean? give me a jodido break!! it's maybe dirtier than any sport around, b/c of the many.

it's all filthy. just like the damn politicians. just follow the damn $$$. scum.

unfortunately, i'll prob watch the Tour even though i don't want to. you can't really watch Basso, Ullrich, Landis, Valverde, and not think that the reason they'll win this year is that they have the latest regime. undetectable of course.



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