I Can't Feel my Arms

damn, not sure exactly what did it, the wednesday lifting, the wednesday extra tennis, the thursday tennis, or the thursday construction and turning of new compost pile (to add to other bulk one), but i really can't feel my arms, or to be more precise, the front of my shoulders. the arms themselves aren't too bad, but they must rotate via the shoulder, so i can't move my arms. really.

didn't ride yesterday, but played some tennis and did some heavy yardwork. Z and i fly to Detroit Rock City today. was gonna maybe ride this a.m. but...i can't move my arms and it's raining like hell.

when we get back from Detroit i have a little less than two weeks to get mileage in before going to Maysville for the wedding.

can't seem to get a good night sleep. haven't felt rested for something like two weeks. too hot. too cold. gotta piss. can't feel my arms. ???? sort of feel like shit actually.


Pete said…
I hate it when I get so overexerted that I can't sleep well. Doesn't happen very often, but it sucks when it does.

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