Rivbike form

Date: May 31
Mileage: 12
Ride type: Errand
Bike: LHT
Temp: 75, humid, stormy
May mileage: 97
Year to date: 600

i started the day with a lifting workout at my neighborhood pool club, Lakeside. they have a pretty nice gym and it's a 10 min walk from the house. a friend of mine, Michaeal (fellow teach), got a membership there, so we've promised each other to meet 2-3 times/week to lift. the last time i was in 'good' shape was when my youngest was born that summer. i spent the whole winter and spring lifting, then jogging, and then putting on mileage on the bike. i wasn't skinny, but i sure was a lot slimmer and fitter than now. henceforth, a summer of lifting is a good thing.

played 2 sessions of tennis today. more than in a while.

and finally, a senior tennis player of mine- one who just won the state doubles championship- invited me to a cookout. i decided that instead of driving i would ride, in a rivbike kinda fashion. i added some extra sandals in the Carradice, and wore my regular shorts and button-up shortsleeve shirt. i certainly didn't look like your runofthemill lycra-fiend. coming home i could see a nasty lightening storm in the distance. i rode pretty hard to minimize my time out and managed to miss it when it went south. i also ran across a guy going into the park getting a little night ride too. he pulled one of my tricks and pulled in behind me- unannounced- for a couple miles before we went our separate ways.

a good and active day. tomorrow i won't be able to walk.


anne altman said…
you display a fierce commitment to this cycling. interesting.
Tex69 said…
well, i probably talk more than i ride, so 'fierce' is not the word i would use. por otro lado, if you're commenting 'in jest', then i accept the critique given my onagain, offagain status.

and finally, if you're speaking of the Rivbike way, well, it's about riding, comfort, and sustainability. the rivbike way seems more about living instead of "recreation", if you understand me

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