more bunnies

don't know 'bout you, but sometimes i find myself thinking abt things to write on the blog, only to find that, by the end of the ride, i've forgotten them.

jumped out today for a quickie and the lasting image is of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 total bunnies munching grass on the edge of the local bike trail. silly.

on the topic of bike trails, i have this strong feeling that part of the reason that so many bike blogs come out of Minneapolis is that the bike facilities there are excellent. we have, in Luavull, a total of 4 independent paths, totaling maybe 10 miles tops. 3 follow the Ohio at different parts, 1 on top of the southern flood wall, the main one following west out of downtown- the "Riverwalk" of which i've taken pics, and a 3rd in a park along the river. the 4th is the one i rode on today, maybe 1.3 mile(s) long along a "creek", which is to say it used to be a creek but is now a directed drainage ditch. the big prob is that the 3 along the river don't really go anywhere, except to mosey (sp?) along the river. the Beargrass Creek trail has a little potential, but the southern terminus near Cherokee pk is a deathtrap. terrible design.

there's lots of talk of making Louisville a better cycling town, but the fundamental infrastructure- read expanded 4-lane roads, circular expressways, extended suburban throughways etc. are already established. frankly you can't get outside of the central urban area, through our ring-road Watterson Expswy, without taking your life into your own hands. 'twould be nice to have some dedicated bike paths, but not holding breath for long.

and finally, some who read this (me and ???) know that i have several bikes, some with different purposes. except for the Litespeed that was given to me as a gift several years ago, all were under $1000. today, while riding the Surly Crosscheck, that i'd mounted road tires on, i realized that, while all have their own benefits, fundamentally my fav is the Crosscheck. it's comfortable, sturdy, fun, functional. it may be my best 'doitall' bike and that's that. hate to 'Hate' on the others, but that's the truth. maybe i should sell the, no i don't think so.

Date: June 23
Mileage: 20
Ride type: Road
Bike: Crosscheck
Temp: 84 and overcast (just missed rain storm)
June mileage: 123.5
Year to date: 723.5

oh, and i still can't upload these specific pics. i'm going to try another and see what luck i have.... didn't work. don't know?


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