Oh well

2 weeks of almost daily soccer matches ends with a mediocre 2-1 to Ghana. at least we finally scored a goal. it helps to have actual shots on goal. great idea. at one point, Brazil had 18, yes 18, shots on goal on the Japanese side. 18. i KNOW we're not Brazil, but maybe in the next 4 years we can think of ways to actual score. that's the point of the game, right? i've commented here-n-there about the WC b/c i've found it thrilling to watch now that every game is on ESPN. how long will that last? how long will ESPN be willing to show every match when the US has NO CHANCE of doing anything substantial in the contest. if 2002 was the great leap forward, a quarterfinal gift from the Gods, then 2006 is a great leap backwards, a reversion to our defense-only play from 1990 when we could not compete against real teams. if you're playing a 4-5-1, with only 1 striker, and no one on the team willing to let 'er rip from 30yds, how do you expect to win.


Viva Espayna!


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