Date: June 14
Mileage: 5
Ride type: Errand
Bike: 925
Temp: 70 and getting dark
June mileage: 38
Year to date: 638

nothing more than a ride to church on the fixie, with an extra couple miles thrown in looking at the nice houses nearby (not where i live of course) at dusk. Maysville/country miles/interminable hills coming up!

being a Spanish teacher, did you see the Spain/Ukraine result today? What a goleada! wish we had a El Nino/Fernando Torres or a David Villa on our squad. the Spanish have had a long suffering soccer persona, on one hand having one of the most significant leagues in the World with La Liga, but never having much success with the nationals. love to have someone to root for after the Yanks bite the big dust, half empty that i am.

a good site that i've gotten cup soccer info from is worldcupblog. another is Yanks Abroad, FWIW.


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