En el Campo

Date: June 16
Mileage: 33
Ride type: Road
Bike: Blueridge
Temp: 80 and sunny
June mileage: 71
Year to date: 671

after several days/weeks/months of Maysville hype, i finally got a ride out in lumpy cow country on Friday a.m. as expected, it was hard and i climbed poorly. on a physical level, i would give the ride a D+. my ass hurt most of all, for some reason. i haven't had any saddle/crotch probs of late, but i was uncomfortable the whole day. i forgot, but now remember that the extra, constant climbing makes for a sore back as well. and finally, the legs gave out on me herenthere, but less so than the butt/back combo.

while the physicality of it was 'pert-near-poor', i would give the ride an A on ambience and scenary. as expected, what you had was empty country roads, lots of farmers cutting the first big batch of hay, confused cows who seemed quite perplexed at me. i doubt these folks see many cyclists, but i was pleased, as usual, that a friendly wave went a long way to a peaceful, non-confrontational ride. i would say that in 33 miles, i had one close call, which wasn't all that close. i stand by my usual observation that i'm received very well by poor blacks and rural whites, but am constantly pestered and intimidated by soccer moms and yuppies in minivans and volvos. shitty group of people that one.

there were no great epiphanies on the ride, but i did it. i hoped for another ride Saturday, but family commitments kept me from one, which is alright. for that matter, i planned on another one day, but MORE family commitments- my mom's this time instead of my wife's- AND a good bit of rain kept me off the bike. there's always tomorrow.


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