Can He?....Will he?

mierda! as i write, OLN upstairs is showing Floyd in a group of 3- he, Sinkowitz and Halgand- up the road with an advantage of 5.23. he attacked the peloton on the Saises climb (or was it Aravis- I wasn't watching at that point) and bridged up to a big breakaway of 'fat' sprinters and rouleurs. if it finished right now- which it won't-, he would be in the top 5. issues to consider:

**can he maintain anything close to 5.00. logic says he can't. the counterpoint would be that, except for the '1 Bad Day', he was certainly the strongest overall in the race- in the TT, on the Pla d'Beret stage and on the Alpe d'Huez.

**Sinkowitz is an annoyance. there are so many other decent riders who could be of great benefit, but what does Floyd have to deal with? a fly on the wall that is the T-Mobile rider. he'll contribute absolutely nothing whatsoever. it's good stage-race strategy on T-M's part, though, to but a quality rider up the road.

**the valley in between the Colombiere and the Joux Plane. if it were like yesterday, up and down with no bridge terrain, i would have more hope, but apparently there's a long valley section until the final Joux Plane climb. that'll be where Landis will have problems holding off the peloton.

well, gonna go back upstairs and bite my fingernails for the next while. fortunately, i get to take L to a friend's house for a play date at 10.00, so i'll have to watch the end of the stage via TIVO. don't know if i could handle the live feed.

Vive le Tour! Viva el Floyd!


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