'I am Wim Vansevenant'

Date: July 18
Mileage: 18.5
Ride type: Road
Bike: Blueridge
Temp: 90 humid and sunny
July mileage: 162
Year to date: 900

why do you ask? i had a good ride today, average above 15mph for the first time in a while. i really pushed hard for the first 30min. as the heat and conditioning go to me, i backed off a bit, going hard on a couple intervals, but going slow sometimes, especially on the hills. i've related in this blog several times experiences on 'golf course hill' in Seneca Pk. i usually climb that between 9-12mph. today, i looked at the computer and it said 7.5. i decided that Vansevenanat would be a good example of a pasty, pudgy (relative to professional cyclists) flatlander, good motor on the flats, but not worth a damn climbing or in the heat. now, i'm not pasty. really i'm pretty tan. the i can't climb and the heat got to me today a bit. the last 10min i took my helmet off in the neighborhoods.

and an curious extra tidbit abt Vansevenant is that he's the lanterne rougue at the moment. i didn't know that until after i picked his name.

and now to the pool. oh those damn, lazy teachers with their summers off. :-)


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