@#!$ Sports Day

here, in no particular order, are the events of the day:

1. England loses to Portugal on PKs. terrible. i know England had played badly, but what an ignomineous way to fall. apparently, in my futbol ignorance i didn't know that The Red Hawks, or whatev they're called, have a long tradition of losing in PK shootouts. oh what an Empire fallen.

2. Andre Agassi loses to Nadal. Expected, but too bad. Andre is my 2nd fav tennis player after Johnny Mac. consumate pro and what a trajectory from a badly-haired, chokeinfinals youth to the standard bearer of the sport.

3. Brasil loses a nastyass match to the damn Frogs. after having 5,000,000 shots on goal in the other matches, they're brick cold in this one. not impressive. i admit that i caught WC fever this year, but with those 2 loses today, i have NO ONE to root for i the WC. Germany/Italy?? Fascists to the core. France/Portugal?? eh, no!

4. Andy Roddick is down 0-2 in sets at Wimbledon. he's the 00's Kevin Curren. all serve, no game. can you see how outofposition he is on SO many shots. terrible footwork, terrible backhand, terrible volleys. who else though? Blake? he's out and no better than a #10. he's not Roger/Rafa/Nalbandian material. no one to root for again. hope Roger dodger kicks all their asses.

5. George!! .73 of a second!! George!! could be celebrating a new maillot jaune. but no, wouldn't fit with the theme of the day.

July 1st, 2006. i am the ULTIMATE sports loser!


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