First Commute

Date: Aug 8
Mileage: 16 (+ 2m a.m. walk)
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 80 and muggy
August mileage: 16
Year to date: 1042

first commute of '06-'07 school year. school's not in session yet, but i have a variety of meetings and planning sessions and whatnot. today was actually re-cert for CPR, a worthy cause, no? it was sort of strange to ride some of those neighborhoods in a commute going west that was so bright. i didn't leave until 9.30. i ride many of those streets in the p.m., but i'm going the opposite direction. about a week ago, i had received a new Nitto 'Frog' seatpost from Jim at Hiawatha to replace the broken one on the Blueridge (along with a Brooks saddle cover and a tshirt) . once received, in fact it was a flurry of seatpost swapping, matching them all to the appropriate bike. let's see. the Blueridge (the Litespeed, but boy do i feel sort of silly talking all kinds of shit about my titanium bike- i was gifted it and like it, but guilt) now has the 'Frog/Jaguar'. the LHT has the old seatpost from the Bridgestone RB-1. i decided that, even though it's slightly cooler to keep the Bridgestone together, i ride the LHT alot more, and that's a nice, sturdy seatpost. the damn name escapes me. no. Sakae is the make. and the RB-1 has the no-name post that came with the LHT. anyway, that day i did a good prep of the LHT for impending school/work commuting and today was the first. i should've yesterday, but i gardened all morning and was damn hot by the time i had to go to work. yesterday ended up 95 around here, a cold front compared to temps elsewhere, but hot enough for me.

gonna ride asmuchaspossible this fall and winter before tennis. as few off-days as i can, especially filling the 14mpg monster that is my Toyota Tundra. nice truck, but gas eater.


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