Thursday, September 07, 2006


as you can see, there is no mileage listed for today. didn't answer the bell. what i did was use the logic of "i need to get the LHT over to Clarksville, so how 'bout i drive and carry it in the truck, etc., etc.". and that's what i did. Chris over there goofed a bit and rode it up the road a bit and felt like the BB needed a thorough going over. i can't really disagree. it came to me in its present Ebay state, and there have been little things that have needed tweaking; this is the latest. i sort of hate to give in and use the pinche truck to transport the commuter bike, but i have no skills. i'll get it back Saturday.

now i need to decide what to ride tomorrow. i think i'll go fixie. i had the Rans out Tuesday, so i'll mix it up again to suit my ADD. i already have a ride planned for Sunday to my papaw's bday party, so let's see if i can get mileage in on Saturday. and let's see if i can get a fresh LHT back for these blissfull fall commutes.

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