Sunday, April 15, 2007

First Ride

Date: April 15 Sun
Mileage: 7 (C'dale)
April mileage: 81
Year to date: 692

Went out w/ Z on a neighborhood romp so he could get used to his new KHS. The previous Trek (neighbor's) was not a refined machine and had gripshift, so he has some practice to do with newer shifters and real brakes. I was pleased that he made 7m with very little effort. The one minor annoyance on my part was that he refused to used smaller gears to climb hills. He would huff and puff and stay in a gear that, to me, was obviously too large. He said his "body felt weird" spinning a smaller gear. That will be an ongoing educational project on my part. Kids just love to take advice from parents, right?

I may watch PR on Vs. here in a minute or I may just jump out for a few more miles. Or I'll just watch PR.

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