Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The fam made use of 1 Spring Break Day to venture to Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY, which is across the river from nasty ass Cincy. Yes, another day w/out a ride, bleep bleep bleep. Both I and L took pics, so I think I'll venture more when those are loaded. An all-round nice day, with, if you can believe it, a $57.00 meal from chain Johnny Rockets, which included 3 hamburgers, 1 hot dog, 1 order kids fries, 1 order fries/O-rings (combined portion for 3), 3 sodas/cokes/pops, 1 kiddie milk shake and 2 adult milk shakes and finally 18% gratuity included. If we had gone to Mickey D's, it would've cost us maybe $15. Was it $37 better than Mickey D's? No, but the day was, so who gives a rat's ass?

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