Sunday, August 03, 2008

RBW Bags

Rivendell Bags

Which ones of these appeals more to you? I would like a different apparatus for carrying crap with the Bleriot than my Carradice Nelson Longflap. Not that the Carradice is bad; it's just a smidge too big for casual rides. It's great for a mega ride, especially in colder conditions when an extra jacket or something is needed, but I might like something a bit more demure. The price of the $56 Bar Tube is more attractive than the $95 Big Loafer, but the Loafer obviously has more carrying capacity.

I also failed to remember that I had looked at a 3rd option a week or so ago. This below is an Acorn Medium bag, made in the good 'ol USA (like the Baggins' bags too). This is a saddlebag design instead of rack one (The Bleriot has a rear Nitto rack; I don't remember which one exactly). I like the roundish, clumpish shape of this one. It seems more svelte than the Carradiced, but still allows for an extra jacket, lunch, etc. The profile pick seems to indicate a very agreeable compact shape. The Medium bag can be had for $70, but there's a bit of a wait for Acorn bags. They're hand made one at a time. If it's good, though, it must be worth the wait. More importantly to these options, such a lavish expenditure is not going to happen right now, and shouldn't. Maybe the November bday will offer a possibility.


Frostbike said...

Among the three I would rank them as follows:
Bar bag

This is based on a price vs. capacity comparison conducted solely in my head.

LvilleTex said...

And a machine that globe is. I sort of agree too. The more I think about it, the Acorn looks awfully good, and 'bikelovejones' gave her Acorns high reviews. I might have to add one to the gift list.

Apertome said...

Yeah, I like the Acorn a lot. I might get one myself at some point. They're all nice, though. Another option: I got a "Keven's Bag" from Rivendell and I really like that one:

It might have a little less capacity, though. I'm not sure.

Apertome said...

I meant to add: I got a long haul trucker!!! No real rides yet, though. I'm itching to get out and ride it.

LvilleTex said...

apertome, big congrats on LHT. I think you will put it to great use. they're not light, but they're really flexible. i would appreciate a bit more opinion on the Keven's bag. Do you have a carradice you can compare it to? or another RBW?

Apertome said...

Thanks. I don't have any Carradice bags, so I can't be much help there. I can take some measurements or something if that'd help.

Actually I just looked again and the Rivendell site and it has measurements. I will say that the fabric is a little floppier than I expected, but it's not bad. I haven't tried it on the handlebars.

Feel free to shoot me any questions. Maybe by e-mail, or I'll probably forget.

Doug said...

I just bought a Frost River Echo Trail Bag from Hiawatha Cyclery a few weeks ago. Looks identical to the Acorn. I would highly recommend it. Plus they're handmade right here in Duluth, MN.

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