Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monstruous V.O. comment link

Damn, you should read this VeloOrange comment thread originally about bags. It's all over the place, but inherently pretty fun to read and informative to boot. Our little commuter/randonneur/fancy bike lifestyle that many of us ascribe to has a global impact just as buying toothpaste or a new car. I've moved my riding from plastic clothes/sporty tires to wool clothes and fat tires (for commuting), but my clothes can still come all the way from Asia and my bikes from Asia too. It's worth pondering. Good for Doug for supportin the local builder, but can we all afford that?

Damn, sometimes I just want to be a buy local/locavore ultra-hippy and just live off the land and ride my homemade DIY bike in my homemade DIY house. Tain't gonna' happen, but it's worth considering. You never know. Peace (and I didn't ride today)

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