Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Transit Cuts

The 'Ville made a googlemap of regions that are cutting transit service and/or increasing fares. I understand that $$ is tight, but when you think about it, this will give the double whammy to these folks. For some, economics have meant that they move from car to bus, and now the bus is more expensive too. Take a look here if you're interested.


jimmy said...

meanwhile I-264 between Shelbyville and Brownboro Roads is being widened to accommodate more car traffic - brilliant!

Oh how progressive Louisville really is! I can't wait for bike summit to call these bastards out.

lithodale said...

Sure - just ask Atlanta and Chicago how successful widening roads is for cutting congestion.

We can't even get people to see that if you route one major interstate away from downtown it decreases downtown traffic. Just drive to Indy and see how many trucks go through town (1 mile in distance saved) vs. 465 around town. If truck driver's en route to St Louis and beyond could skirt the city - rest assured they would.mithe

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