Friday, January 16, 2009


No poem today, but I'm feeling pretty good about today's accomplishment. I set a record for a personal ride and commute today, with my morning temp at -1F. To be honest, I felt pretty damn good, except the toesies got a little chilly late in the game. Having set a record, I feel obliged to give a garment-by-garment rundown of the vestiture for the day:

head- descente skull cap with performancebike fleece over top. And for the first time, I wore some plastic safety glasses. They did the trick.
hands - pearlizumi lobsters. They work down to -1F at least.
feet- smartwool sock, neoprene sock, thick wool sock, Target snow boot
torso- smartwool top, biemme winter jersey, bellweather jacket
leg- thick tight, nylon sportpant, performance fleece pant

The only issue i had was with the toes, even though I was very covered up. Otherwise, I think I could milk another 10 degrees out of that setup. After such a frigid morning, this afternoon's sun and 17F was downright warm.

It's also been a great week for running across local cycling "stars". I ran across Tom Monday and today I met Perry F. in G'town. Perry is well-known locally for riding exclusively on fixies, and by that I mean he does century after century on fixies- quite the local legend. We were only together for 2 miles or so, but it was nice to another crazy person out there.

It was cold, but not that cold, and I would do it again tomorrow. Great stuff. Tomorrow is supposed to be 38F. I'll have to get out the shorts. Tonight is the Penguin Waddle. If it goes as planned, LithoDale and I are meeting at 7.30 for the ride there. It's to be an 8-miler and then home, which will give me another 18m or so. That's a hell of a day, and none of those miles over 18F. Peace.


Anonymous said...

great meeting you tonight tim, hope to see you again soon - thanks for coming out. stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I considered riding yesterday, but the temperature scared me off.

Congrats to you!

I'll be commuting again next week, the weather looks much better.

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