Friday, June 19, 2009

Pocas Millas

My Sunday adventure made for a great weekend, but so far the week has been a mediocre non-starter kinda week. 2 miles yesterday going to the store (on the newly-tubed TrekSS), 13 miles total on Tuesday on 2 different errands. None Monday. Today I at least got up and out the door at a reasonable time for a reasonable ride, on the QB no less.

There wasn't anything special about the 23-miler on the usual Indian Hills route. There was something special, though, about the ride quality of the QB. It's magic. Really. If I were braver, stronger, and lighter, and boy, I sure am *not* lighter right now, I would make the QB the primary mount over the Bleriot. I don't know. They're different, but the QB is so smoother and steady, so assured on the road, the Jack Browns rolling in perfect unison. Yes, hyperbole, but also, yes, satisfaction. And I didn't get rained on either, today. This is now the 19th day in 27 that it has rained. The QB has no fenders and I still haven't procured a usable fender bracket to fix the Bleriot. Maybe today.

p.s. Addendum to previous rain notice. At 11.00 or so the sky turned green and then black and we experienced a doozy of a thunderstorm. As usual our little dead-end street lost power and only got it back last night (Friday @ 3.00a.m.). Thanks to the electrical crew for working 12 hours on our lonely, little street to bring us back into modernity.

Below is a pic for the Rapha Road Journal. If you haven't, check it out. Although the clothes are ridiculously overpriced, the images and stories of monster, epic rides is certainly worth a read on a rainy today such as today.

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