You can follow the various threads here, here and here of the old "helmet discussion" Nemesis. I usually wear mine; the only time I don't is when I wheel up to the local plant nursery a mile away. That said, when the RCCS took our Paris-Redux ride back in April, one of our riders hit a puddle-filled hole going slightly downhill at speed. He catapulted over the bars and landed directly, and I mean DI-rectly on his helmet-ensconced head. Without it he would've been hurtin' for certain. If I have one of those days when I feel like going "free", I'll think back to that day and probably make the safer decision.


bikeolounger said…
As one who is alive because I was wearing a helmet at a key moment in my life, I encourage others to wear them.

Of course, nothing beats NOT NEEDING the helmet, through knowledge of the five layers of safety and how to apply them, but when it's time for that fifth layer, one doesn't have time to fetch the helmet and get it on one's head.
Laura said…
I don't ride without a helmet. Many people are idiots, especially drivers, and I don't trust them. (I say that because I don't do off-road riding, so wherever I am, there are cars around in theory.) In a perfect world, we wouldn't need helmets, but until that happens, I wear it. And I don't let my son ride without a helmet, either. And in our neighborhood, in the 4th of July parade, a child without a helmet is not allowed to ride in the parade. Yes, it is probably overkill (although it's a state law about kids and helmets), but I'd rather get him in the habit early.
john said…
I wear a helmet to ride 3/4 mile to get a cup of coffee. I would rather take my chances at getting helmet-hair than a head injury. As your example shows, you never know when a pothole might appear. And really, do how much do you trust all those drivers around you?
People are different all over I guess. Helmets use around here seems to be directly related to bike clothing. Most spanex outfits come with a helmet. Shorts and t-shirts, without.

Generally around 30% of the bikers use helmets here.

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