Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is was the first longpants commute of the school season, requiring a wool T, jacket, wool sox for the Keen sandals and RBW knickers. Yes, MUSA knickers. I have a pic to the left. I'm gonna put a couple hundred in 'em first before I review them, but on first 24m ride they were about as good a riding article as I have. Nice fit. Comfy. Highly useful for a wide temp range (I guess, today's only ranged from 54F-57F).

I've got things to do but I hope everybody else got out there for a commute. It was worth the tiredness this a.m.


Dale said...

I rode to and from work...shorts with a jacket. It was a tad...uhh...brisk.

Oh well - all the better to work on the Belgian Hardman credentials. Shaved legs and embrocation here I come.

Tex69 said...

I demand to come and watch the shaving. Pics of that *will* be posted.

Email to mysurly69@yahoo.com