la muerte del blog?

Is this blog dead? Do I have anything interesting to say? I'm not so sure. I'm not doing anything adventurous on 2 wheels save some regular commutes, but either those are mundane near-shortest possible. My work is quite busy these days with a new AP prep and plans for NBPTS certification. I was only able to ride T and W, with dentist trips, family trips and Open Houses got in the way. Today was to be the 'Family Camp 110', as we're going to Yosemite (KY) this evening and the ride would've been pretty great, but the real world got in the way and I have no regrets for that whatsoever. I have decided to take the Bleriot and do a 1.5hr exploration ride tomorrow afternoon, but the point is "family" camp instead of "me running off and doing my own thing" camp.

RCCS hasn't done anything since our late June 50ish ride. Again, August/life got in the way and that's how it goes. I'd like to do a mixed-terrain and a S24O this Fall, if they can be scheduled around soccer, school, NBPTS, marriage, oh, you know, life. I also notice that a side group of the LBC, "Team Bag Balm", does rides in the same spirit as intended RCCS rides- classic steel, textured roads, conversational pace, etc. I don't know if our little race/roadie specific cycling culture can aguantar both. I also hear that TBB is invitation only. I'm sure it's a great way to keep the troops in order, but it's not really the show-n-go attitude that I personally envisioned when Dave and I cooked up at the start of the RCCS. It may be that both the Mixed-Terrain and S24O become November trips after soccer if over with. And November is the birth month, so maybe a bike adventure on the birthday (40th, you know) would be a great "party".

It's a holiday weekend, so let's all not labor; let's rest, ride our bikes, enjoy the family, and hope that all those assholes at the health care town halls would just crawl back into their trailers and shut the hell up. Oops. political content. Sorry. Peace.


Laura said…
Have a relaxing weekend!
Apertome said…
I wouldn't do anything drastic like discontinue the blog. I'm sure it's just a temporary rut. Sometimes life gets in the way.

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