mixed meanderings

Went 'crossing a bit last night, using some pre-cross mileage across St.Matthews to RCCS for a warm-up. Then at RCCS I did a hot lap, a cool down, another hot lap and then some roaming. On the cool down I rode on the concrete paths where, ironically, I biffed turning too sharply into a corner and went down, giving myself some attractive road (path) rash on my left leg and arm. I'm actually pretty pleased 'cause it's been a while. My 1st hot lap was definitely more aggro than my 2nd, although the 1st was stymied by some attacking dogs. Fuckers! Having noticed the really nasty black skies over southern IN, the way home via a hard push up Payne St. provided a complete deluge for most of B'town. I was wet and concerned about getting slammed from behind (aren't we all? je je), but it did helped clean the mud of the Crosscheck. Today I did a commute on the SSFrankenTrek, assuming more deluge, but it didn't sprinkle save a 3sec moistening on 1st this morning. This afternoon I met the fam down at Waterfront Park to view replica versions of La Nina and Pinta from Cristobal Colon fame. As expected, they were pretty damn small. Take a look and imagine 120 people traveling on one of those. Oh, the filth and stench. The good wife took the boys down after school and I met them there before heading home via the Beargrass Trail.

The BT was a mini-adventure in its own right, with yesterday's deluge and subsequent flooding covering the path with a thin layer of mud. I didn't go down, but with memories of going "THUD!", I traversed quite lightly, meeting a fixie boy along the way, he trodding more lightly than I. Dang, I'm skilled!!

One through the park I actually walked a portion of Millvale. 'L' has a fever and I hope I'm not getting it. To ward off evil I imbibed on two BBC Amber Ales, assuming the alcohol would kill any critters in the blood stream. That works, right?


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