Ol' Blue

Mostly commuting these days, although I did jam on the SSFrankenTrek yesterday during soccer practice. Today it was mundane to work, and then equally mundane home, but mundane in a great way. I came up the Beargrass Trail and caught site of my favorite bird, Ol' Blue the Great Blue Heron, that I see occasionally on the BT. I really enjoy those quiet moments. With that on the brain, I then "threaded" some mtbike trails in Cherokee, all in own LHT pace. That was fun to. I poked home from there, but pretty satisfied to have done that on a commute home instead of sitting in traffic and wishing for anything else. Peace out.

Not a good picture of a SS Bianchi locked up at my building. Some college students are using rooms in the afternoon due to flooding at UL, so I assume it's one of their's. Ugly rack, but nice otherwise.

Trail leaving Cherokee today


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