SSFrankenTrek rises

Like a Fenix (spelling intentional), the SSFT has risen from its dormancy to ride again, supporting my vast girth on its knifeedge tires. =) I stopped by OYLC yesterday and picked up tubes for new skins on the SSFT. I pulled the tired 30c on the front and replaced it with a Conti Gatorskinz 25c. I couldn't find the 25c twin and could only find standard 23c Contis, so the rear is still shod with the old 30c one that came with the Blueridge nigh these 10yrs ago. I'm gonna have to find something for the back too, but can't imagine wobbling around on 23c's. It was great to go SSing on the Trek today, with this morning providing abundant fog to carve on the commute. This afternoon the legs were a bit slow, but I have to consider the SSTF as a "do not sell" on the bike list. Great Stuff all round!


lithodale said…
I can think of at least one other bike for the "do not sell" list.

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