Spewing Vomit

The latest saga on the truck is as follows. I rode to pick it up last Wednesday, the chain saga day. It was fine through weekend in Cincy up until Sun afternoon. 'Z' and I were returning from soccer game when the light came on and it starting bucking like a bronco during certain shifts. I kid you not. I put it in local shop Monday and their diagnostic is that, #1 they flushed the nasty tranny fluid hoping that might do it, but #2 the code that comes up usually calls for new computer in truck, i.e. the truck and tranny aren't communicating correctly anymore. Can you believe that @#$@#?

I guess this is my "no car/All Bike" manifesto time, but that is clouded by multiple children in multiple activities. Aarrgggghhhhh!

rode 17m today commute on TrekSS while OYLC is playing with chain. Gonna ride some more now, I guess. AAARRRRRRGGGGHGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


Sometimes, they don't seem worth it. Since I put 65,000 miles on my truck in the last two years, I often think of a major change in lifestyle.
john said…
I think I'll just stick to shifting manually in my car.

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