Tuesday Commute

I got word that the truck is headed for an expensive but nonetheless final conclusion. It'll cost a bundle, but I feel like I made a $350 mistake, but then again the problems it had were not anything anyone could avoid.

On a commuter note, I did short turns both going and coming today. The afternoon provided me those wonderful 55F and raining qualities, great for cycling, right? Fact is, I had wool on top and on the feet so I wasn't too bad. I'll be on the bike W and TH but I hear that I'll be playing taxi Fri a.m., and that's alright.


Anonymous said…
I think you should buy a rickshaw. That way you can serve as taxi AND get your mileage on.

Anonymous said…
OK. Color me embarrassed. Rickshaws are for runners...pedicabs are for bikers.


But just think. You could have a great summer business pedicabbing your way through downtown Louisville and if you start training the boys now, you'll have a fleet!

Always looking out for you,
The LuvDoug

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