not much

haven't been posting much b/c I haven't been riding much, due to a variety of factors. Now I've managed to contagiarme a good old cold, so the straw poll is:

Do you ride with a cold in the cold and wet? I'd love to know thoughts. If it were dry that's one thing, but Cold+Wet don't seem the best of conditions. Give me your 2cents.


Anonymous said…
I'm of the opinion that cold, rainy (snowy?) weather won't make you sicker... unless you get to that hypothermia stage.

For me, it's mostly whether or not I feel well enough to ride.
Pondero said…
I'm with David. I ride if I feel like it, and work hard at avoiding "that hypothermia stage".

Hope you "feel like it" soon.
Apertome said…
Haven't had to make this choice yet since I started commuting again, but right now I don't have much choice. The wife has the car. But, my commute is only 3 miles each way, if I can't ride 3 miles I shouldn't be at work anyway.

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