Cold Ride, Hot Coffee

Just sitting here drinking coffee on a cold Sunday morning, but the mind is building its anticipatory set for an opportunity coming at 10.00 this morning. Fatguy hatched a plot, and now we have a ride coming. Under the RCCS banner, Dave will lead a Cold Ride, Hot Coffee ride through the easy streets of central and west 'Ville, all starting from one coffee shop (Heine's or Breadworks), passing by another (Sunergo's) and finishing back at our departure. (I just thought of the fact that we'll pass Day's, Highland's, and Quills, and maybe others too) I'm pretty daggone excited. It's the perfect sorta ride to battle our 20F, messy snowy streets syndrome we have. I would say 50% of roads/streets are fine in the city, but the other 50% of small, neighborhood streets are covered with a mishmash of ice, snow and slush. Not being from the great north, I doubt many folks are prepared with their Nokians, so we'll just see how the texture battle goes.


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