Louisville Ghost Bike Memorial Ride

6 brave souls did 11 in 11, that's miles in temps for this morning's Memorial Ride. Soon after starting we lost one, but we picked another up along B'town. I'm not good with names, so no list. It was a casual and sedate ride in clearly tough temps. Thanks to Jimmy for getting it done (he might have had it the worst; his hands were pretty cold as I understand)

Afterwards, Dave, Mark and I had some coffee at Heine's, and after that Dave and I rolled through the 'hood to pick up a few easy miles. After that I received a message that we needed butter, so Dave and I rolled out again to Kroger for butter and brew (Schlafy's Coffee Stout. Sick Good!). We finally finished with 19m total, all below 24F. Not bad (on the fixie too)

Let's hope we have no need of a '10 Memorial ride.


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