Right now the 'Ville has a temp of 10F with a windchill of -1F. These are temps I'm not too accustomed to, so preparation is key. I'm going to pilfer my 14yrold's ski goggles and give those a try, but otherwise it'll be more of what we've all been wearing now for a week or more. Tubesock or not, if you now what I mean? We have 4" of snow on the ground, so the mount of choice will be the SSMonocog with beefy tires. My intention is to head towards the parks for some trails, but we'll see where the adventure takes me. Very importantly, I've been preparing a playlist for the ride. I lieu of my typical podcasts, I'm going for some "wakey wakey" tunes.


Anonymous said…
I want to get some riding in, but the commute is out of the question in these conditions. I haven't ridden since Monday, and I'm getting grumpy.

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