Monday, September 13, 2010

Commute #9

Nice weather today, with a wide range of 58F in the a.m. and 92F in the p.m. 'BB' and I went long this afternoon, using Hill to get to Chickasaw and then back eastward. We were even blessed with a nice tailwind on the eastern turn, all the while watching what looked like a large coal barge sitting whopper-jawed in the Portland canal, with part of its front end seemingly run aground. I'll be curious whether that's the case.

And to top it off, a sighting of Ol'Blue on the Beargrass. It was good stuff for the first western home commute.

Below is a pic I took 20min ago at Kroger. Upon study I It's a Trek Bellville, with an obvious influence from the latest batch of urban bikes coming out of interesting small makers. This one was set up with an ample front rack, dynohub with l.e.d front light,rear internal IGH and apparently comes with some kind of "eco" label. All bikes are "eco" when ridden adequately to replace petro guzzlers. It looks like a nice package, but I mostly hate Trek, so I reserve judgement of what is probably a nice ride.

Here's a reasonably comprehensive look from BikesfortheRestofUs. That's a pretty cool sight I just found looking for info on this unfortunately attractive offering from GM, er, Trek.

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