Fitness Ride

Got out for a fitness ride after work and after the heavier rains this evening. Just need to kick out the jams and work out some aggression and anger. Worked too, except for the jerk who decided to make a point, which one I'm not sure, and veer into me in the fitness lane in Seneca. I was riding the white line- yes, yes, "Take the lane!!"- and he buzzed me on the left, but I thought that was fair. Then as we approached the stop and I glanced into the fitness lane he veered his stupid fucking vehicle into the lane. We stopped at the 'T' stop sign and I pulled my bike in front of his SUV and asked him his purpose for menacing me with his vehicle. I used no profanity and acted rationale and inquired as to why he felt the need to do that, especially with children in the car. I asked him why he felt the need to threaten my life with his big car for no real purpose. He stated that he was going go call the police and I invited him to do so so we could get down to the bottom of the mystery as to why he veered into me. We parted with me accusing him of using a weapon. I didn't have a cellphone to get a license pick or anything. Should have.

I rode a good hard pace for an hour and change and averaged mid-15s, which I'm pleased with on an evening fitness ride. More stolen miles. Aside the attack- and it'll pass with time I guess- it was a good time. I don't understand people. I really don't.

The mystery dynolight was "on", but the standlight definitely isn't, and I checked the unit to notice the "Plus" on the side, denoting a standlight as one of the features. It'll go back to the shop.


Pondero said…
It's been awhile since I don't live in town anymore, but I've had encounters like that. I was always dumbfounded. I never knew anyone who was openly a bicycle hater. Most of us have at least one as a kid. Does driving change our personality?
Apertome said…
Sounds like a good ride, aside from the jerk. They're out there, and we're going to encounter them from time to time. It is always frustrating though.

Were you aboard the IF?

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