It's not about the bike

Well, it *is* about the bike. I took a 45-miler this morning and averaged mid-16s, speeds I haven't seen in years. The difference? The IF. It's the old adage, "All things in moderation". I don't want to hammer all the time. I like to ride I/Grant style and roam around and take pics and enjoy the Mt.Tamalpais trails, but it felt great, really great, to charge forward. I never was at my limit at all and hope to build enough fitness so I can enjoy more gravel wanderings, relaxed commutes and coffee rides. But the bags and baskets and bells come at a price. And that price is a feeling of fast.


Pondero said…
I am certainly one who really doesn't like to use the "training" word. However, even I will admit that those country ambles, micro-tours, and coffee rides are a little more fun with some kind minimal fitness. In fact, I stretched the mileage a bit last week, and might even increase the pace from time to time on a couple of local climbs. But I'm still not calling it training.

Happy to hear you are enjoying the IF.
David Crowell said…
After my 80 miles on Saturday loaded with 50lbs of gear, on the LHT, up and down killer hills. I completely understand now. Wow.
Tex69 said…
Agree Pondero. I'd rather consider it lively riding.
Scott Loveless said…
Last weekend I picked up a Pacer frame set. As of yesterday I'd taken her out on a couple of short test rides. I haven't measured speed, but I did notice that I'm turning taller gears than I would on the Trucker.

BTW, when are we going to see some pics of your IF?
I'm just going to miss the match in NJ. I'll be in Manhattan on the 28th for a conference.

#3 son and I will be returning to New York for the Five Boroughs ride on May 1st.
Apertome said…
Heheh. Funny to read this after making roughly the same comments after your e-mail before. You know. Great minds think alike,a nd all that.

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