A perfectly pleasant storm of a Saturday morning delivered 'L' to his last bball game with the good wife and me with 'Z' to his first track practice after a week and a half of bronchitis, and of late me with the gunky mix as well. Gross.

I'm bound and determined to get some miles in whatever state of mucous mania I'm experiencing, so I brought a bike with me to ride while he ran at school. The bike is pictured above. It's needs a bit of an introduction as it's the project that has dominated my winter. It needs a more thorough pictorial intro b/c this one sort of blows, but it's my new custom IndyFab, one named "My Precious" by Lithodale. It's an amazing bike, to be honest, and now that it's sunny and warmer perhaps I'll get out and do a fashion shoot, but this is all you get right now. Custom Ti Club Racer with Campy Chorus and WhiteInd/HED Belgium wide rims. I've only had it out 3 times b/c of the crazy schedule, but it goes, that's for sure.

(Taking the pic I rode/walked up into this grassy area not remembering that I was wearing road shoes. Several years of mtbike or flat shoes can do that too you.))

Today I pushed things a bit away from school and towards Iroquois Pk. Once in the park I found that climbing was going to be a grin-n-bear-it experience. No spark. I did a turn up to the top and ran across what I'm sure was members of the Saturday Yellow Lot LBC ride. I waved. Once I head downhill I picked the pace up a bit especially around the back of the park. This bike loves to climb out of the saddle! I passed a couple tri guys who then caught up with me at the light at S.Pkwy. We left the light together and I upped the pace some more. Why not? I had fundamentally a downhill, downwind run back towards school, and I gave it a good effort. I still have some shoe/cleat adjustments to make, and perhaps a bit in the saddle fore/aft department, but it's already a really nicely dialed in fit and I look forward to some real mileage down the road.

Finally, I would like to thank FMR for this opportunity. That stands for First Mercury, which was sold in February and the stock sales from that helped finance this dream bike.


Doug said…
Holy sh$t!! How did you keep this a secret up until now? Nice choice. I've often found myself drooling over the IF site. The Club Racer has always caught my eye. Looking forward to more write-ups and ride reports of this bike.
Pondero said…
Precious indeed. What a beautiful machine. I'm with Doug. More narrative and photo details needed.
Apertome said…
The bicycle is shockingly beautiful. It looks downright perfect. Looking forward to a more-detailed writeup!

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