Donkey in the Derby

To start my Spring Break off right, I met Dave early this morning for a couple hours of riding, early at 6.30 before the real day began. We had discussed both riding single-speed but when I was preparing I noticed that the streets looked pretty wet around me so I instead chose to ride the LHT with its fenders and dynolight for the dark conditions at 6.30.

We met at Heine's at the Loop for a cup and then off with Dave leading the way. I've noticed that I can be a bit bossy in town b/c I tend to know where I am rather well, but this morning Dave was thoroughly in command, and more than just directionally. Those quick fitness rides from a couple weeks ago seem to be a long time in the past. Today even though I was geared and he SSing Dave consistently rode much, much more strongly than I; in fact, I had nothing' and spent 2 hours bitching about that fact. He even outclimbed me, such as on Maple, which is a tough hill, one he took out impressively out of the saddle at the top. I limped along in a low gear, head and shoulders slouching at the lack of legs. I spent the next hour trying to generate pace on the LHT but both it and I felt like fat, crippled pigs. Apertome not long ago claimed that his LHT rode like a "dog", and today's experience confirmed said observation. The LHT is a formidable mount for touring, commuting, errand running and such. As a road machine, though...  Given my shorter training rides on lightweight road machines, getting on the LHT for a road ride, frankly, felt terrible. To be fair, the wine last night and lack of rest the past couple of weeks could have contributed too. ;)

We put in about 30 and finished off at Twig-n-Leaf for a warm breakfast before separating for an afternoon of chores and such. I both apologize and thank Dave for being a good sport with my incessant complaining. And I already put in a couple more miles on the Ute going up to fetch scones for the family crew, and I will probably have further errand rides today doing yard work.  A SpringBreak start of bike rides, sunshine, rest, gardening, and the Cats winning is a great way to erase what was a mostly miserable March.


Scott Loveless said…
When I got my LHT almost 2 years ago, I was coming off a string of pieced together dumpster bikes. The LHT felt fast and nimble. Instant love affair. Recently, the new Pacer is getting the nod when loads don't need to be carried. Holy moly! The LHT is, in fact, a big, fat, lazy dog.
Pondero said…
The LHT, plus those errand rides, will make the IF feel pretty fast.
Apertome said…
It's all relative. When my LHT was my only road ride, I didn't really realize how slow it was. Now that I have a lightish road bike, there's no going back, when it comes to paved road rides.

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