This blog has become a bit lame. I haven't had the time for either interesting rides or for interesting posts. My riding is when-I-can-get-it training rides and photos haven't been part of the equation either. Yesterday I felt like crap most of the day, a bit of Afib, a bit of exhaustion, maybe the two hand in hand. Late afternoon I texted and met Dave for a cup of Quills and afterwards an easy spin, the kind of riding Chris has perfected. I effectively avoided upsetting my heart rhythm even more not watching UK beat UNC. That's heaven-on-earth for a Cat fan, even one who can't even watch the games anymore. Ridiculous.

I'm just plain tired and can't quite get ahead. Spring Break is coming up, so perhaps that'll give opportunity to stretch things out and make things interesting again.


Doug said…
Hang in there. This time of year is always stressful for you. Sounds like you're a bit burnt out.
Pondero said…
Not lame. Real.

A little sunshine, a little stretch-one-out, and a little bit of noodle-legs will change your perspective. Time to anticipate.
You can do it. Find something new and interesting to learn about. That is helping me get out of the rut I have been in. My new interest is Lo carb living and I just started reading Primal Blueprint. It is a lot of fun to learn new stuff instead of more about the same stuff.
Patrick said…
Hey man, why don't you concentrate more on more important things, like what kind of decaleur should I use for my ostrich bag on the Hilsen? I mean seriously.
Tex69 said…
Thanks for the other kind words, and thanks to Patsy for putting things in appropriate perspective. And what kind of decaler *are* you going to use? And what kind of front rack *am* I going to use on the BR/IF?
Winter is difficult for us bike bloggers.

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