Fitness Ride

After a day spent doing taxes, running annoying errands, a bit of yardwork, a bit of gps/route planning, a sumptuous lunch buffet, caulking a window, and...that's about it, I took a late afternoon ride in the parks.  I fought through all-afternoon indigestion to average a respectable 16.5 on the IF for 19 miles total. The Garmin map won't embed, but I bet no one cares in the least. I'm 7/7 on Spring Break rides, although Thursday I only got a 2m coffee ride in. That barely counts.

I dragged the boys to mom's house this afternoon on the bikes too. I finally got the teenager on one of my more appropriately sized bike, in this case the moustache bar'd CrossCheck. His primary comment was that the seat was really hard (an old Avocet Ti O2).  I'm going to force him to ride some with me this summer. His cross country body and fitness will have me lagging behind, but that's just fine.


Pondero said…
I envy the streak, and suggest without hesitation that the 2-mile coffee ride ABSOLUTELY counts.
7 days straight. Very nice. I am struggling to re-establish a streak myself. I even rode in this morning despite the fact that it is supposed to thunderstorming later today.

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