It's SB and I have more time on my hands that you grunts in the salt mines. What have I done with it? This afternoon I watched a bit of Real's victory over Tottenham. At the half I began some yardwork until I got a call from the wife who needed me to run up and pay for her car service, which I graciously agreed to. Of course. To achieve said task I again jumped on the QB for the 4m round trip. It's a bit windy, but it's sunny, Spring breezy, not too humid, and clean. It's good, and I get to ride again tonight. Making the most of it.


That game kind of put Tottenham out me thinks. I saw that ManU beat Chelsea today.

In MLS news, The Revs still really suck to watch. Especially in that empty cavern. A new stadium is in the works in Somerville though.

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