Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My Uncle has a country place...

I bit the bullet and found myself some entertainment for this Spring Break Tuesday evening. My teenage years fav Rush is coming to Louisville tonight and I decided to buy a single ticket to go. Admittedly I haven't listened to them that much nigh in these many years of Alt Country, Soul, progressive Rap, and good ol' Alternative, but I always enjoy when it pops up, I know all the words up to, say '88, and it's Spring Break! The longer version of it is that in 1987 or '88 Rush came to Rupp Arena in Lexington where I was attending college at Transy. For whatever reason, while some in my posse went to the show, I did not, and I don't know why. Therefore, this is a little opportunity to re-live a lost opportunity and I'm pretty excited about it. Oh, and a further note is that for part of the show they'll be playing in its entirety the seminal 'Moving Pictures'. Hence the album cover here. It also happens to be one of the first "real" records I got, in this case from my aunt for a gift. Still love it to the day.

I also need to throw out the related bike content to say that I used the QB to do the 12m round trip to the ticket office, and I'll prolly take the SSFrankenTrek down to the arena tonight for 24m (+2m coffee ride) total of errand/concert commuting. I even met fellow commuter Dave for a lunch coffee while downtown. I can't really feel confident of the security downtown during the show, so the SFT is the sacrifice in case something unfortunate goes down. 4/4, and then some!


Doug said...

Have a great time! I've seen Rush four times in the last twenty years. What a great band!

David Crowell said...

I hope you enjoyed the show. Did you make it on time with the flat tire and all?

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