Saturday, May 07, 2011

Dawn at the Downs on Derby '11

Owners of a certain local cycling business encouraged participation in a fun early morning ride over the Churchill Downs to take a look at the track action on this Derby Day. I communicated said idea to Dave and we showed up, although the purveyors of the local cycling establishment which I've often visited did not show (they did answer texts).

Dave and I rode over easily; I felt like crap for some reason. Wine? Miles yesterday? Stomach? A bit over everything. We eventually bailed on a trip to the top of Iroquois. No, better said that *I* bailed on a trip to the top. We stopped at the Woodlawn Sunergos, but it wasn't open yet, so we rode a few more miles to the Preston Sunergos where a cup of the good stuff in combo with the fatty, sugary goodness of Nord's quickly improved the day.

After that, again slowly, we wynded through Audobon Pk to Breadworks where I bought scones for the crew and we both had more coffee. More goodness. I think we discussed a full 25 different bike projects which will never happen and generally spent an overly-early Saturday morning in excellent fashion.

Garmin route here and pics below.

Post run bath the Downs.

Morning sun reflecting off the large Churchill Downs addition. Too bad the spires are dwarfed by both "upgrades" and media platforms.

Mas Amanecer


Pondero said...

Sounds like a good theme for an early morning ride to me. Morning treats, and collaboration of potential future bicycle projects, makes it a success.

Apertome said...

Cool shots. Guess it's 'cause I'm not local, but I have a hard time understanding the whole holiday angle to this.

I like to avoid busy places like that but going early to see the setup seems like a great idea.

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